Future plans

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    Future plans

    Bullet Master Co., Ltd. is planning to extend the production live For caliber .22Inch, also Rifle caliber 5.56mm. and 7.62mm. The caliber .22Inch is having a high demand in Thailand, They’re most by using for sporting competition. In local and international event, including to develop a young shooter ,representing the nation in the future. It will support all significant caliber instead of importing ammo for having an exclusive high budget-Bullet Master Co., Ltd has intended to manufacture all competition cartridges whish will be an option For all shooters and order to having a low cost ammunition, having an international standard of quality
    Bullet Master Co., Ltd. Has determined to support, a Rifle caliber 5.56mm. and 7.62mm.,the government including Royal Thai Army and Police and also office of the National Security with department from Ministry of Interior
    The mentioned calibers will be supported For, training and army shooting sport, Asian Level and international shooting competition accordingly.

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